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social q’s . . . the office (holiday party)

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by Kate Spears   The holiday season is here and that means social gatherings galore. One holiday social event that evokes fear in the hearts of co-workers everywhere is the dreaded holiday office party. Maybe your boss can’t hold her liquor or perhaps you have co-workers from you-know-where. No matter what challenges you are facing, [...]

social qs . . . cleanup conundrum

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  Q: “I really enjoy entertaining, but it seems as though I’m always the one who hosts (and therefore the one who is always left with an enormous mess). What’s a tactful way to ask my friends to pitch in without sounding whiney?”    A:  This is a wonderful question and I hope to impart [...]

social qs . . . friend or foe?

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  Q: ” I have a friend who copies everything single thing that I do from décor to career. How do I keep both my flair and friendship alive?”   A: Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but it’s also quite possibly the least creative and most irritating. The first thing to understand [...]